Marathoner with patellofemoral pain – running gait retraining

Marathoner with patellofemoral pain – running gait retraining Welcome to this insightful analysis by Gabby Callagy, a distinguished doctor of physical therapy, specializing in gait analysis and athletic performance. In this case study, we delve into the journey of a marathon runner grappling with patellofemoral knee pain. Explore the impact of objective running gait analysis […]

Biomechanical fatigue during maximal aerobic speed (MAS) intervals

Biomechanical fatigue during maximal aerobic speed (MAS) intervals We’ve all experienced that moment during a grueling workout or race when fatigue begins to set in. It’s when the “man with the hammer” looms closer, and suddenly, every movement requires extra effort. Our arms strain to pull a bit harder, and lifting our knees becomes a […]

Preparing for the epic RUN ICELAND race

Preparing for the epic RUN ICELAND race By Sebert Penen (Personal Mechelen) RUN ICELAND, a heavy race over 5 consecutive days, where brave participants will embark on a monumental challenge of covering a staggering 110km. Only 50 of the most elite athletes are able to participate in this incredible undertaking. One such athlete is Peter […]

Dynamic Stability Improvements Through Targeted Cues and Exercises

Case - Esther of SPOR

Dynamic Stability Improvements Through Targeted Cues and Exercises Case insights provided by Esther Vanwijck, sports physiotherapist at SPOR Mechelen Dealing with running injuries is a common challenge for both runner and physiotherapist. It’s crucial to address and improve the contributing factors to minimize recurrence rate. In this blog post, we will dive into the running […]

Data & video analysis – Dynamic stability

Video analysis - dynamic stability

Data & video analysis – Dynamic stability What do you notice? Take a moment to observe his running gait pattern from a posterior view. Do you notice anything? What does the data says?  If you’ve noticed, the running quality score already indicates a weakness/low score in the symmetry parameter. At Runeasi, we automatically identify […]

Overcome start-to-run obstacles with a hybrid training approach

Overcome start-to-run obstacles with a hybrid training approach By Hannes Tollet (Fit on the move) It’s never too late to start running. At the age of 53, Vera made the decision to take up sports and reached out to Hannes Tollet, owner and personal trainer at Fit on the Move, to help her get started […]

Carbon fiber plated running shoe vs regular training shoe: Is there a difference?

Carbon-fiber Plated Shoe vs Regular Training Shoe: Is There a Biomechanical Difference? Photos: Hoka one one At the 2016 Olympics in Rio, we were introduced to the Nike Vapor Fly – the first carbon-fiber plate shoe. This innovative shoe sparked controversy and marked the start of a new generation of high-performance footwear. Other shoe companies […]

Abolish anterior knee pain in a hockey player – Jason Coldwell (Fysiotrack)

Abolish anterior knee pain in a hockey player Anterior knee pain is a common issue among hockey players, and it can be difficult to eliminate completely. The recurring nature of this injury can be detrimental to a player’s sports participation and performance, making it essential to root out the underlying cause. In order to address […]

Overcoming marathon stress fractures—Dr. Bart Dingenen

GETTING YOUR BERLIN MARATHON RESULT WHILE OVERCOMING STRESS FRACTURES Breaking a personal best marathon time while being a mother of two and a having stress fracture. That sounds impossible, right? Nope.  Leentje Hellemans did it! Leentje is a mother of two who started running five years ago. She had already two marathons under her belt, with one being a silver medal of […]

Running rewired, ACL rehab—Jay Dicharry

rUNNING REWIRED WITH JAY DICHARRY: WHATS MISSING IN OUR ACL REHAB PROTOCOL? “11 months post ACL tear he was unable to dampen impact loads” Here’s a transcription excerpt of our webinar with Jay Dicharry on this interesting ACL case:  “I basically stuck a sensor on one of our athletes, who I knew had an ACL […]


1. Global movement quality

Track and improve your client’s Runeasi running quality. Identify their weakest link with our advanced visualisation.

2. individual recommendations

Get individual training and cueing recommendations to improve your client’s weakest link.

3. Real-time feedback


4. Session trends

Learn more about your client’s running quality during daily training. Our session trends show when and where the quality drops with fatigue.

5. Quick comparisons

Compare pre-post data to show intervention effects on the movement quality. 


1. No motion artifacts. The Runeasi belt is secured tightly against the body and the skin to capture the actual movements of the body’s center of mass. Attaching or clipping the sensor directly to the pants would allow the sensor to wobble from side to side (i.e., measuring the wobbling of the pants, and not the human body.

2.  Easy to standardize the sensor’s positioning. The Runeasi belt makes it easy to consistently position the sensor close to the center of mass. Attaching the sensor directly to the pants would dramatically affect the reliability of the outputs as the height and tightness of the pants will affect the results. Moreover, these pants attachments often shift sideways while running which further decreases the data quality. 

 3. Comfortable to wear.  Hundreds of runners confirmed that they immediately forget about our belt while running. This allows them to move without any restrictions and allows us to capture movements that are representative of a client’s true biomechanics.



Accurately captures full range of motion and kinetic parameters by leveraging wide sensing range (16 Gs) & high sampling frequency (1000 Hz)


Built to withstand high intensity training and sweating. Suitable for the outdoor elements, come rain or shine. Robust to handle the repetitive and ruthless impact shocks of running.

Lightweight & SLIM

Seamlessly integrates onto the body to support movement without restrictions. Weight: 9.4g/0.33oz with battery. Dimensions (36.6mm/1.44” dia. X 10.6mm/ 0.42” thick)

No charging wireless

Replaceable coin-cell battery with operating time up to months, depending on the usage. Bluetooth® 5.0 radio for effortlessly transmitting data real-time or post-session.