Overcome start-to-run obstacles with a hybrid training approach

By Hannes Tollet – Fit on the move

It’s never too late to start running. At the age of 53, Vera made the decision to take up sports and reached out to Hannes Tollet, owner and personal trainer at Fit on the Move, to help her get started on her fitness journey. Running has been a key component of Vera’s training program, as it is an effective way to improve metabolic and biomechanical fitness. However, it is also considered an endurance sport with a high risk of injuries, with up to 79% of runners experiencing an injury within a year. Vera was not an exception, and after a few months of running, she began to experience pain in her left hip. Discover in this case report how Hannes assisted Vera in achieving a pain-free running experience with her new training regime.

Finding the weakest links in her running mechanics
To address Vera’s pain problem, Hannes did an initial Runeasi analysis in October 2022 to identify her weak links in running biomechanics. The test consisted of a 3-speed protocol that focused on her current running zones: 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5km/h. After a 3-minute warm-up, they started recording the data for each speed for 3 minutes. Hannes used 8.5km/h as the main comparison component because she spents most of her running time within this zone. Her overall running quality score was 22%, indicating that there is significant room for improvement. Impact duration, which is an essential factor in shock absorption, was one of the weakest areas.
A hybrid training method to maximize training effects

Based on the analysis, Hannes decided to use a hybrid training method that targets dynamic stability and impact loading through two guided training sessions per week, which she complements with two running sessions at home. This approach aims to improve both the structural capacity and weakest components for better running quality. You can find an overview of how the training program has been designed and scheduled below.

Tuesday training session

  • 10min warm-up (crosstraining)
  • 20min core / strength
  • 20min plyometric exercises
  • 10min running with biofeedback

Thursday training session

  • 10min warm-up (crosstraining)
  • 20min core / strength
  • 10min plyometric exercises
  • 20min interval training on treadmill
Consistency is key to success

After 6 months of training, Vera’s progress was already impressive. She was able to improve her running quality from 22% to 62%, with significant improvements in symmetry, stability and impact loading. This improvement shows that it’s never too late to start getting active and that with an individual approach, it’s possible to improve both your fitness level and reduce the risk of injury. In the video below you can see a visual difference between before and after. 

October ’22

Stiffer upright trunk, low heel recovery, forward arm swing

January ’23

More forwards lean, better leg turnover

March ’23

Better arm action, improved synchrony between arms & legs

Picture of Case insight provided by: Hannes Tollet

Case insight provided by: Hannes Tollet

Hannes is a certified coach and Physical Education Teacher with years of experience. He specializes in metabolism and running analysis and offers optimal guidance to clients at Fit On The Move. Hannes is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their full potential. He provides personalized training and support every morning from 4:00 AM. His expertise and knowledge make him an invaluable asset to anyone looking to improve their athletic performance. Clients can rely on Hannes for tailored guidance, motivation, and support. His commitment to his clients' success is unwavering.

Discover the art of guiding runners through hybrid training

Speak to a member of our Runeasi team, and learn how Runeasi can help you help your novice runners overcome start-to-run obstacles with a more hybrid training approach.


1. Global movement quality

Track and improve your client’s Runeasi running quality. Identify their weakest link with our advanced visualisation.

2. individual recommendations

Get individual training and cueing recommendations to improve your client’s weakest link.

3. Real-time feedback


4. Session trends

Learn more about your client’s running quality during daily training. Our session trends show when and where the quality drops with fatigue.

5. Quick comparisons

Compare pre-post data to show intervention effects on the movement quality. 


1. No motion artifacts. The Runeasi belt is secured tightly against the body and the skin to capture the actual movements of the body’s center of mass. Attaching or clipping the sensor directly to the pants would allow the sensor to wobble from side to side (i.e., measuring the wobbling of the pants, and not the human body.

2.  Easy to standardize the sensor’s positioning. The Runeasi belt makes it easy to consistently position the sensor close to the center of mass. Attaching the sensor directly to the pants would dramatically affect the reliability of the outputs as the height and tightness of the pants will affect the results. Moreover, these pants attachments often shift sideways while running which further decreases the data quality. 

 3. Comfortable to wear.  Hundreds of runners confirmed that they immediately forget about our belt while running. This allows them to move without any restrictions and allows us to capture movements that are representative of a client’s true biomechanics.



Accurately captures full range of motion and kinetic parameters by leveraging wide sensing range (16 Gs) & high sampling frequency (1000 Hz)


Built to withstand high intensity training and sweating. Suitable for the outdoor elements, come rain or shine. Robust to handle the repetitive and ruthless impact shocks of running.

Lightweight & SLIM

Seamlessly integrates onto the body to support movement without restrictions. Weight: 9.4g/0.33oz with battery. Dimensions (36.6mm/1.44” dia. X 10.6mm/ 0.42” thick)

No charging wireless

Replaceable coin-cell battery with operating time up to months, depending on the usage. Bluetooth® 5.0 radio for effortlessly transmitting data real-time or post-session.