Frequently Asked questions


Runeasi is currently built for professionals to help their runners, athletes and clients to run better.

While running the impact when the foot hits the ground is repetitive and ruthless on the musculoskeletal system. Heart rate or standard GPS metrics like speed, distance and time cannot capture these impacts. As a result, overload, asymmetry and poor movement control causes setbacks, injuries and pain. Runeasi provides scientifically validated biomechanical insights in real-time. The unique position of the sacral sensor allows runeasi to capture the total body impact close to the body’s center of gravity, coming from both left and right legs, and detects how the body responds to that impact.

A professional can analyze your running pattern and use runeasi to identify weak links or asymmetries that might require specific running technique cues, coaching drills, dedicated rehab or strengthening exercises. Ask your physio to perform a real-time treadmill assessment in their practice, or perform a remote monitoring session outdoors on the track, trail, or tarmac!

Runeasi measures biomechanical measurements and thus does not measure heart rate. The runeasi APP allows you to tag the rating of perceived exertion which allows you to capture your running intensity.

We will organize webinars on various interesting rehab and return-to-sport cases.


The runeasi sensor is water resistant to 30m/100ft.

No, the sensor uses a replaceable coin cell battery and therefore is completely wireless and without the need for recharging or cables. This allows up to months of use! (depending on frequency and duration of recordings).

The runeasi sensor weighs only 9.8g.


To ensure quality data and precise measurements, and comfortable wear, the runeasi belt must be worn under your clothing (i.e., against your skin), and around your pelvis at the level of your waistline. We recommend flipping the top of your shorts or pants down first to create the necessary space to neatly and correctly attach the belt. The sacral sensor must be carefully centered below the small of your back over the sacrum. Flip the top of your shorts or pants back up and over the runeasi belt to ensure a good and comfortable fit.

You can place the belt under lukewarm water with soap or sanitizing gels for hygienic purposes. You can’t put the belt in the washing machine.

The runeasi belt comes as a “one-size-fits-all” and is adjustable to fit comfortably from narrow to wide waistlines. To extend the lifetime of your belt, we recommend to avoid any rapid pulling or yanking the ends of the belt and rather to gently adjust to necessary length.


The runeasi APP will run on both iOS and Android tablets. The APP is optimized to use on tablets in landscape mode.

The runeasi APP currently does not work with smart watches. We are looking into this possibility in our roadmap – we will keep you posted!

Yes! We provide you with an unlimited amount of recordings.

You can use your runeasi kit on multiple athletes, just not at the same time yet. This will be available in a future release – we will keep you posted!

Yes, after connecting with the tablet and starting a session you can leave the tablet with you at the practice, and send your clients out to run. You will not be able to see the data in real-time. Remember to return to the tablet after your session to stop the recording and sync your running data to the runeasi APP.

Yes, runeasi is independent of GPS and can be used for treadmill running and indoor running tracks as short as 10m.

This is currently not available. We will keep you posted on new partner integrations!

Yes, and your data will be synched across your devices. However, you will not be able to log in to multiple devices at the same time.

Currently the runeasi app is only available in English.

Runeasi currently does not offer heart rate monitor integration.

This will be possible in a future update – we will keep you posted.

Troubleshoot for a few possible reasons. Make sure the sensor wireless connection and location is switched on. Make sure that the sensor has been paired properly to the tablet. Make sure that the coin-cell battery is positioned properly in the sensor. Check that the sensor battery has sufficient battery. If none of these suggestions work, exit the runeasi APP, and press “force stop” in tablet settings, then reopen the runeasi APP and try reconnecting again.

Firstly, check that the sensor is within the wireless range of the sensor (i.e., less than 25 m). Secondly, make sure that the runeasi belt and sensor is correctly positioned and securely attached (see essential how-to guide on positioning and attachment). Our algorithms check that each running step is detected accurately from quality data. Incorrect positioning or poor sensor attachment and therefore won’t calculate running biomechanics parameters when incorrect belt and sensor attachment causes poor data quality.

The RunEASI sensor communicates to the tablet app via wireless low-energy transmission and therefore the live data can only be displayed when the tablet is within a radius of approximately 25 m.

We are finalizing this and will have it in the next release!

Orders / availability / Transport

If you are outside of Belgium, please get in touch with us.

Runeasi wearable kits are usually delivered with a signature required, but due to the restrictions of COVID-19, signature required services will be done by contactless delivery.

Currently runeasi products are available direct from our online store.

If you are outside of Belgium, please get in touch with us.

Simply purchase a Runeasi Pro Plan from https://runeasi.ai/pages/shop-now. You get 30 days to try it out for yourself in your practice. If you are not satisfied you can follow the returns process for a full refund less the return shipping fee. Please see our Warranty and return policy on our Terms and Conditions Page.

Please contact support@runeasi.ai to initiate your return request.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee from the moment your wearable kit is delivered - so if you find it doesn't meet your needs you can simply cancel your Pro Plan and return your wearable kit.

The 30 day guarantee period begins on delivery date. Runeasi has no obligation to consider a request placed outside 30 days of the date of delivery.