Become The Go-To Running Expert In Your Area

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new ‘Runeasi Expert Certification Course‘, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this with you.

Interface of the Runeasi Expert Certification Course

Why Should You Kickstart Your Journey with the Runeasi Expert Certification Course?

📖 Comprehensive Curriculum: Over 15 diverse topics, spanning from fundamental technology concepts to advanced training interventions.

🌐 Accessible Anytime: Discover the flexibility of learning at your own pace, on your own schedule, through our online content.

🏆 Certification: Obtain a certificate and establish yourself as the go-to expert in running within your area.

Who will benefit from this course?

Our primary objective with this new course is to empower Runeasi users with the most up-to-date knowledge, enabling you to become proficient in utilizing Runeasi to its fullest potential.

Navigating technology can sometimes seem overwhelming, but our goal is to effortlessly bridge that gap, leaving you with the sole task of conducting your analyses with our expert guidance.

Our Certification course will encompass practical tips and a profound understanding of our metrics, showing you how to leverage them effectively for targeted interventions with your clients. These interventions may include dynamic stability training, impact training, and real-time gait retraining.

Course instructor

MSc Philip Cortvriendt holds a unique role in the education of Runeasi physiotherapists, guiding them in the application of biomechanical insights to design precise strength and conditioning regimens. With over two decades of experience in elite competitive running and a background in sports physical therapy, his primary expertise lies in the realm of applied strength and conditioning for runners, spanning from recreational enthusiasts to Olympic-level athletes.

Free for Runeasi customers

Priced at €250, but available for free with a 6-, 12-, or 24-month Runeasi PRO-Plan (Expert certification is an option for all professionals working within the practice). Updates to this course are included.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out via this contact form.

I love Runeasi, a frictionless platform with 10 years of rock-solid research behind it. I held out on getting any tech until I came across this. Kurt and his team are top-notch, and their educational resources and customer services are on point. Nothing but glowing things to say and your clients will love the biofeedback aspect and PDF reports they receive.”
Chris Johnson
Running PT Zeren PT


1. Global movement quality

Track and improve your client’s Runeasi running quality. Identify their weakest link with our advanced visualisation.

2. individual recommendations

Get individual training and cueing recommendations to improve your client’s weakest link.

3. Real-time feedback


4. Session trends

Learn more about your client’s running quality during daily training. Our session trends show when and where the quality drops with fatigue.

5. Quick comparisons

Compare pre-post data to show intervention effects on the movement quality. 


1. No motion artifacts. The Runeasi belt is secured tightly against the body and the skin to capture the actual movements of the body’s center of mass. Attaching or clipping the sensor directly to the pants would allow the sensor to wobble from side to side (i.e., measuring the wobbling of the pants, and not the human body.

2.  Easy to standardize the sensor’s positioning. The Runeasi belt makes it easy to consistently position the sensor close to the center of mass. Attaching the sensor directly to the pants would dramatically affect the reliability of the outputs as the height and tightness of the pants will affect the results. Moreover, these pants attachments often shift sideways while running which further decreases the data quality. 

 3. Comfortable to wear.  Hundreds of runners confirmed that they immediately forget about our belt while running. This allows them to move without any restrictions and allows us to capture movements that are representative of a client’s true biomechanics.



Accurately captures full range of motion and kinetic parameters by leveraging wide sensing range (16 Gs) & high sampling frequency (1000 Hz)


Built to withstand high intensity training and sweating. Suitable for the outdoor elements, come rain or shine. Robust to handle the repetitive and ruthless impact shocks of running.

Lightweight & SLIM

Seamlessly integrates onto the body to support movement without restrictions. Weight: 9.4g/0.33oz with battery. Dimensions (36.6mm/1.44” dia. X 10.6mm/ 0.42” thick)

No charging wireless

Replaceable coin-cell battery with operating time up to months, depending on the usage. Bluetooth® 5.0 radio for effortlessly transmitting data real-time or post-session.