Return from hamstring injury in Central Park NYC
with Bespoke Treatments & Men's Health Magazine

Brett Williams, a NASM-CPR certified trainer and former professional football player, knows how to push his body to the limit. However, a marathon he ran last year left him with a painful hamstring problem that lingered for months. In a quest to not only recover but also to enhance his training regimen, Brett turned to the expertise of Dan Giordano, DPT, C.S.C.S, at Bespoke Treatments in New York City. What emerged from this collaboration was an insightful exploration into the world of running mechanics and injury prevention.

Personalized training recommendations for brett Williams (video)

In a compelling Men’s Health article, Dan Giordano delves into the cutting-edge Runeasi system, shedding light on how this revolutionary AI technology can be harnessed to keep athletes like Brett “bulletproof” from injuries. By harnessing Runeasi’s capabilities, Dan was able to measure and analyze various aspects of Brett’s running mechanics, uncovering valuable insights that could make all the difference in his pursuit of injury-free running.

For the full story on how Runeasi is transforming the way athletes approach injury prevention, we invite you to read this captivating Men’s Health article. Explore how technology and expertise come together to empower athletes and fitness enthusiasts on their journey to greater performance and well-being.


1. Global movement quality

Track and improve your client’s Runeasi running quality. Identify their weakest link with our advanced visualisation.

2. individual recommendations

Get individual training and cueing recommendations to improve your client’s weakest link.

3. Real-time feedback


4. Session trends

Learn more about your client’s running quality during daily training. Our session trends show when and where the quality drops with fatigue.

5. Quick comparisons

Compare pre-post data to show intervention effects on the movement quality. 


1. No motion artifacts. The Runeasi belt is secured tightly against the body and the skin to capture the actual movements of the body’s center of mass. Attaching or clipping the sensor directly to the pants would allow the sensor to wobble from side to side (i.e., measuring the wobbling of the pants, and not the human body.

2.  Easy to standardize the sensor’s positioning. The Runeasi belt makes it easy to consistently position the sensor close to the center of mass. Attaching the sensor directly to the pants would dramatically affect the reliability of the outputs as the height and tightness of the pants will affect the results. Moreover, these pants attachments often shift sideways while running which further decreases the data quality. 

 3. Comfortable to wear.  Hundreds of runners confirmed that they immediately forget about our belt while running. This allows them to move without any restrictions and allows us to capture movements that are representative of a client’s true biomechanics.



Accurately captures full range of motion and kinetic parameters by leveraging wide sensing range (16 Gs) & high sampling frequency (1000 Hz)


Built to withstand high intensity training and sweating. Suitable for the outdoor elements, come rain or shine. Robust to handle the repetitive and ruthless impact shocks of running.

Lightweight & SLIM

Seamlessly integrates onto the body to support movement without restrictions. Weight: 9.4g/0.33oz with battery. Dimensions (36.6mm/1.44” dia. X 10.6mm/ 0.42” thick)

No charging wireless

Replaceable coin-cell battery with operating time up to months, depending on the usage. Bluetooth® 5.0 radio for effortlessly transmitting data real-time or post-session.