Pre and Post-partum Running and Walking—Marion Raballand

Running and walking during pregnancy: Effects of abdominal belt and running cadence The figure above shows a representative case from the study showing overall improved running quality score due to running with the abdominal belt. The improvements come from all three main sub-components of running quality, including better pelvic dynamic stability, better symmetry, and lowered […]

Overcoming marathon stress fractures—Dr. Bart Dingenen

GETTING YOUR BERLIN MARATHON RESULT WHILE OVERCOMING STRESS FRACTURES How Dr. Bart Dingenen empowered Leentje’s return to running with impact measurements Watch this full case insight video provided by Dr. Bart Dingenen, Physiotherapist at Motion to Balance where discusses the importance of objective gait analysis.  “Now we always test a cue before recommending it” – Bart […]

Running rewired, ACL rehab—Jay Dicharry

rUNNING REWIRED: WHATS MISSING IN OUR ACL REHAB PROTOCOL—JAY DICHARRY “11 months post ACL tear he was unable to dampen impact loads” Here’s a transcription excerpt of our webinar with Jay Dicharry on this interesting ACL case:  “I basically stuck a sensor on one of our athletes, who I knew had an ACL tear about […]

Gait retraining with IT Band Syndrome—Physiotutors

Return to running after injury (IT Band Syndrome)—Physiotutors Andreas Heck Half marathon preparation, injuries, and the rehab process Check out this full case insight video provided by Physiotutors CEO & Cofounder Andreas Heck, where he elaborates on how he used Runeasi to identify  and correct his weakest links. Andreas integrated Runeasi bio-feedback mode with real-time […]

How downhill running could be triggering your runner’s knee

How downhills could be triggering your Runner’s knee (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome) Understanding the importance of shock attenuation and impact asymmetry Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), commonly known as ‘runner’s knee’, is a prevalent overuse injury that regularly results in relapses after returning to running. Downhill running is a major risk factor in the incidence of patellofemoral pain. […]