The Sports Physical Therapy podcast—Working with Runners and Endurance athletes.

The Sports Physical Therapy Podcast: Working with Runners and Endurance Athletes with Chris Johnson 12 Jan-2023 Chris Johnson is a physical therapist that specializes in the care of endurance runners and endurance athletes. Mike Reinold is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning coach specializing in helping people feel, move and perform better. […]

Physical Activity Researcher Interview—How Physio Can Reverse Engineer

Physical Activity Researcher Podcast—with Dr. Olli Tikkanen June-2022 Part 1: The story of Creating a Palm-size Gait Lab Affordable for All Physiotherapists LISTEN TO PART 1: 17min 5 sec Part 2: Gait Biomechanics—How Just A single Sensor can provide valuable information LISTEN TO PART 2:26min 27 sec Part 3: How Physios can reverse engineer to […]

Arthro Education Interview—3 Common gait misconceptions

Runeasi Interview with Arthro Education—Dr. Beau Beard 5 Oct-2022 Article Excerpt, Dr. Beau Beard:  “I’ve been utilizing Runeasi myself for over the past six to eight months now in the clinic with a variety of athletes, and really digging the technology. In this episode, Kurt Schütte, Ph.D. of Runeasi sits down with me to discuss […]