The National Running Show

The National Running Show Birmingham: Running Gait Analysis 21-22 Jan-2023 The National Running Show in Birmingham, UK was a resounding success! Over 150 runners queued to get running gait assessed at our Runeasi booth.  Our Runeasi Running Quality Concept was a hit among runners of all ambition!  From young cross-country athletes—to everyday runners—to  ultra-marathoners Runeasi provided […]

The Sports Physical Therapy podcast—Working with Runners and Endurance athletes.

The Sports Physical Therapy Podcast: Working with Runners and Endurance Athletes with Chris Johnson 12 Jan-2023 Chris Johnson is a physical therapist that specializes in the care of endurance runners and endurance athletes. Mike Reinold is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning coach specializing in helping people feel, move and perform better. […]

2023 Sports Technology Awards Shortlistee!

2023 Shortlistee in Best Technology for Injury Prevention and Recovery! 9 Feb-2023 Runeasi has been short-listed as one of the most innovative sports technology companies in 2023 for injury prevention and recovery! Over 50 industry experts voted! We are honored to be shortlisted next to leading brands and companies such as StatSports! See you […]

Runeasi partners with Belgium Red Lions Hockey Team

Runeasi partners with The Belgium Red lions Reigning World and Olympic Hockey Champions unleash new high-tech weapon To Extend their world title Read Dutch and French versions here The Red Lions are using Runeasi, a new Belgian technology to injury-proof their players in their run-up to the hockey World Cup in January. The technology was […]

Biomechanical Screening for weak links-Energy Lab

Run Screening—Energy Lab Optimizing performance with a three-speed test Watch this video filmed at Energy Lab, where they integrate Runeasi in their effort running tests to provide a biomechanical component to performance optimization. “The tool for a better running style”“De Tool Voor Een Betere Loopstijl” “For the biomechanical running analysis, we use Runeasi, a […]

Physical Activity Researcher Interview—How Physio Can Reverse Engineer

Physical Activity Researcher Podcast—with Dr. Olli Tikkanen June-2022 Part 1: The story of Creating a Palm-size Gait Lab Affordable for All Physiotherapists LISTEN TO PART 1: 17min 5 sec Part 2: Gait Biomechanics—How Just A single Sensor can provide valuable information LISTEN TO PART 2:26min 27 sec Part 3: How Physios can reverse engineer to […]

Arthro Education Interview—3 Common gait misconceptions

Runeasi Interview with Arthro Education—Dr. Beau Beard 5 Oct-2022 Article Excerpt, Dr. Beau Beard:  “I’ve been utilizing Runeasi myself for over the past six to eight months now in the clinic with a variety of athletes, and really digging the technology. In this episode, Kurt Schütte, Ph.D. of Runeasi sits down with me to discuss […]

Runeasi in Sports Tech Shoutouts

Runeasi mentioned in sports tech Shoutouts 18 Feb-2022 Article Excerpt:  “this is wearable for analyzing running biomechanics and it has been validated through research at KU Leuven” READ ARTICLE HERE

Runeasi selected most promising global sports tech startups

Runeasi selected in most promising global sports tech startups 26 October-2022 Article Excerpt: “Belgian startup Runeasi designs a smart belt that enables value-based gait analysis for athletes with musculoskeletal conditions. The wearable uses AI-based biomechanics technology and measures cumulative impact, peak rate of the impact, context, impact asymmetry, and dynamic stability. The startup’s solution simplifies […]

Running rewired, ACL rehab—Jay Dicharry

rUNNING REWIRED WITH JAY DICHARRY: WHATS MISSING IN OUR ACL REHAB PROTOCOL? “11 months post ACL tear he was unable to dampen impact loads” Here’s a transcription excerpt of our webinar with Jay Dicharry on this interesting ACL case:  “I basically stuck a sensor on one of our athletes, who I knew had an […]